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OKRE Development is the operating entity in Poland of two groups active on the international real estate market for over 30 years. OKRE Development stands for the “O” of Otreco, the “K” of KORAMIC and “RE” of Real Estate. Headquartered in Warsaw since 1994 with a branch in Poznan since 2006, it has over 15 years of international experience and professional development knowhow. For each development it provides design, feasibility analysis, technical support and project management to investors.

Otreco NV is a Belgian company with over 30 years of experience in the development market. It administers a full range of development projects in Belgium, France and Bulgaria and consists of a dedicated team of 6 key experts in real estate. Otreco specializes in turnkey projects such as residential and office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses and leisure real estate property. Otreco manages projects from conception to final commissioning.

Koramic Real Estate is a major real estate company, with an equity of approximately EUR 100 million. The company develops and/or invests long-term in commercial, retail and residential properties locally and abroad. Koramic Real Estate is part of the Koramic Group, one of the leading private investment groups in Belgium.