Greenwings Office

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The conference rooms are fitted with an intelligent lighting, blind control and management system operated using a wall-mounted keypad. The lighting control system uses pre-programmed lighting settings. There are two rows of electric blinds at the windows: total blackout blinds and room darkening blinds. Both sets of blinds can also be freely operated (up/down/stop) using a wall-mounted keypad.

Top quality equipment is used for the audio-visual system. The specific HDMI matrix, audio player and multi-zone amplifier enable practically unrestricted mixing of the audio/video signal from the inputs to the available outputs: speakers and projectors. Each room has a wall-mounted audio signal volume regulator that provides the option to select one of the available sound sources (audio player, TV decoder, floor-box connector).

Video projection is made possible via 4 high-end projectors. The main projector suspended under the ceiling (in the RED room) projects a large image onto the wall and enables comfortable viewing even from the back of the room. Each of the smaller rooms is equipped with an additional innovative, short-throw projector. These are multimedia projectors, i.e. in addition to projecting images they enable user-interaction by means of special interactive pens, which allow users to virtually mark up the projected image thus bringing the audience’s attention to a given detail. It is then possible to save the image created in this way to a disc, send it via email or print it out.