Greenwings Office

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GreenWings Offices provides a flexible and effective office lay-out. Office floors are adaptable to future tenants requirements. Surfaces will be finished with high quality and eco-friendly materials. The architecture of the building ensures an effective arrangement of office space both open-space and traditional office space planning.

Due to its unconventional geometrical form and fully-glazed facade, all office spaces offer unlimited access to daylight, fresh air and an unobstructed view to the surroundings.

1. Space planning - flexible office lay-out

2. Floor carrying capacity
- office 5,0 kN/sqm

3. Floor carrying capacity – archive –
technical rooms 10,0 kN/sqm

4. Raised floors – 10 cm

5. Floor boxes with electrical
cabling systems

6. Suspended ceilings

7. Clear height 270 cm

8. Fresh air inlets

9. Heating/cooling fan coils
with individual steering possibility
and mechanical ventilation
with heat recovery

10. Daylight access for all users

11. Zoned control for lighting

12. Illuminance – 500 LU X

13. External shielding from the sun on facades with interior shades

14. Indoor landscaping and outdoor greenery